The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

360 potential is what we are all born with.  Life has it’s way of having us limit ourselves through the patterns and conditions which are all around us.  Due to looking at what was causing my pain in 2012 came the studying of Craniosacral therapy and later The Form Reality Practice.

With my background in nursing and midwifery, it is my joy to spend time in presence with people, which slows the mind chatter and has you relaxing and becoming aware of your body.  Listening with my hands, my clients are met with a non-judgemental touch and their own inherent treatment plan unfolds as the body reveals how it has created the patterns of tension.  As you build your inner resources, you begin to undo these patterns which are not in your conscious awareness and can be there since before you were born, as our personalities develop from conception onwards.

Drawing on my personal and professional experience I offer a unique space for you to truly get to know yourself.  Tuning in to the health in your body, and being with the fluid flows of energy, throughout the body – accessing the blue print for health in you.  This therapy is suitable for all ages and is very beneficial for a variety of conditions, releasing dis-ease as the mind quietens and the body relaxes.

This therapy can benefit you in person or via Skype.

For further information check out:

FB: 360 Potential Birthing and Beyond


Phone: 087 9418525




Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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